IU Departments

IU Departments

Disposal and Redistribution of University Property

“The disposition of university property that is no longer wanted by a unit should be undertaken in such a way to maximize the property’s value to the university, either through redistribution within the university or, upon the approval of University Procurement Services or the appropriate property designee of the campus (e.g. Surplus), through a sale or trade toward a new purchase when the university property is no longer usable within the university. All approved sales will be conducted by either Purchasing or the Indiana University Surplus Stores.”

Read the full policy online at the University Policies website

We only accept items from IU departments. We do not sell, recycle or dispose of personal property for employees.

Moving your items

We’ll pick up your items free of charge! Small items can be sent to us through campus mail. If you prefer, you can drop off surplus at our Bloomington retail store.

Upon completion of the IU Surplus Item Transfer Request Form you will receive an email copy of your completed form. Please be sure to print this email and attach it to the items being transferred to IU Surplus.

Computing Equipment, Cell Phones and Data Security

Hard drives, cell phones, and other storage devices must be wiped completely clean before transfer to IU Surplus. All files, software and operating systems will need to be removed.

You must follow these data removal techniques to prevent the disclosure of institutional information. Departments are responsible for attesting, via the Transfer of Computing Equipment form, that hard drives and any other storage devices have been wiped clean of all data prior to forwarding to IU Surplus Stores for disposal.

To transfer computers, cell phones, and other storage devices to IU Surplus, you must complete the the Transfer of Computing Equipment form. Upon completion you will receive an email copy of your form, which must be printed and attached to the equipment being transferred to IU Surplus.

Capital Assets

Any item that has a capital asset tag, must also come with asset transfer documentation. If the item cost $5,000 or more, look for a yellow tag. If you’re unsure about this, contact Capital Asset Management at capasset@iu.edu for guidance.

You can review procedures for handling capital assets at Capital Asset Management Standards.


We responsibility recycle items that do not sell or that we destroy at the request of a department. We work with the university’s approved e-waste vendor, Vintage Tech to recycle electronic waste.